Perficient Website usability statistics Trinidad and Tobago Email List Designing a great website isn’t all about aesthetics, it’s also important to make sure your site is functional and easy to navigate. Here are some statistics that shed some light on the importance of website usability. 18. 86% of people want to see product and service Trinidad and Tobago Email List information on a website homepage According to a study conducted by Komarketing, site visitors are keen to see exactly what a business has to offer as soon as they reach the homepage. Over ¾ of people reported that they wanted to be able to easily find product and Trinidad and Tobago Email List service information on a website homepage. Source: Komarketing 19. And 64% of people want access to contact information to be readily available Easily accessible contact information is also

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a priority for website visitors according to the Trinidad and Tobago Email List Komarketing study. Over half of respondents said it was important for contact information to be easy to find and readily available. Source: Komarketing 20. 37% of users say that poor navigation and design cause them to leave websites Usability and ease of navigation Trinidad and Tobago Email List is a key issue for site visitors. According to a Komarketing survey, over 30% of respondents are irritated by poor navigation and design on websites. In fact, they find it so disorienting, that it actually causes them to leave the page without finding the information that Trinidad and Tobago Email List they need. Although sites should be well designed and visually appealing, the key to a good user experience is function and usability. 20 Poor navigation and design Source: Komarketing 21

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