You can upload different types of Romania Email List  videos. It supports HD video quality of up to 4K. And it’s also great for 360-degree videos. The company targets different markets. Educators can use it to deliver courses and lessons. And with the help of its analytics feature, you can get more information about your students. It also works for marketers Romania Email List looking to increase sales and leads. It also offers support for its users. You can get in touch with the company through email or live chat. And for those that need help getting started, you can undergo its extensive training videos and materials. There are two plans Romania Email List available: Free and Polaris. The free version gives you just enough tools to give you a feel for what Spotlightr has to offer. You’ll get limited storage (5 GB).

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And you’ll only be able to upload 5 videos a month. The free version also comes with a branded video player. You won’t have access to the other customizations features as well. For instance, you wouldn’t have Romania Email List chapter markers and users won’t be able to hide all controls. The paid version will give you 100 GB of storage with unlimited video uploads. If you need more storage, you’ll have to pay $0.10 for every additional GB. Pricing: Free, Polaris ($24/month billed annually) Try Spotlight Romania Email List Free 2. Vimeo (Free/Paid) Vimeo has long been the alternative to YouTube for most content creators. Its features are just as competitive. And it even has tools that you might not find on YouTube. Vimeo Homepage For starters, Vimeo has a video-maker Romania Email List feature that will

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