Tribunal 2. Of that 2 billion, only Syria Email List around 400 million are active Only a fifth of all of the websites on the internet are actually active. The other ⅘ are inactive meaning they haven’t been updated or new posts have not been updated for a long time. 02 400 million websites are active Source: Hosting Tribunal 3. More than 20 million Syria Email List sites are e-commerce websites E-commerce is one of the most popular website types, and according to Kommando Tech, there are currently over 20 million e-commerce stores in total. Source: Kommando Tech 4. On average internet users in the US visit over 130 web pages per day Syria Email List Websites are a staple part of the average person’s day. In the US, the average internet user browses over 100 different web pages on a daily basis.

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Source: Kickstand 5. It only takes 50 milliseconds for users Syria Email List to form an opinion of your website Websites are a key point of contact for businesses, and consumers are well versed in what to expect from a company’s websites. In less than a second, visitors form an opinion about your websites, which is why it’s so important to develop a Syria Email List website that makes a great first impression. Source: Taylor and Francis online Web design statistics 6. 48% of people said that web design was the number 1 way they determine the credibility of a business The importance of good web design cannot be undervalued. With Syria Email List almost half of consumers stating that web design is the number one way they determine the credibility of a business, it’s more important than ever to make

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