way you plan your editorial UK Email List calendar in order to implement content. You just need to pinpoint a select number of topics to cover, come up with multiple ideas for those topics and coordinate those ideas across all of the platforms you publish content to. You can do this by following a few simple steps: Identify audience pain points UK Email List . Come up with solutions for those pain points, then turn them into topic ideas. Come up with content ideas for those topics, and optimize them for the platforms you publish to. We’ll start at the top. Identifying audience pain points Your first step should be to determine what topics to cover by UK Email List identifying the topics your audience cares about the most. There are a few different ways you can do this. The most effective thing you can

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do is to ask your audience directly about what UK Email List they’re struggling with in your niche. Send a brief broadcast email about something you’ve struggled with in the past and conclude with a simple question: “What is your biggest problem at the moment?” You can also ask your most engaged viewers if they’d be willing to speak with you one UK Email List one, or simply reach out to them via direct message. The responses you receive will help you determine which topics to focus on the most. A few additional methods for finding audience pain points include jotting down questions and concerns your audience shares with UK Email List you on a regular basis, browsing forums related to your niche, reading bad reviews for products in your niche and seeing which topics are most popular through

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