opportunities can be found by Canada Email Address List setting up custom searches in a social listening tool. And, one of my favourite uses is to find posts where I’m mentioned (or my blog is) – I like to comment on these posts to thank the author, and sometimes I’ll share them with my audience. 11. Plan a social media giveaway for the new Canada Email Address List year Giveaways can generate a lot of engagement on social media and they typically require very little time to prepare. Simply offer up a prize, use a contest tool to allow people to enter and set your entry criteria (e.g. follow on Twitter = 1 entry, join newsletter = 2 entries). The Canada Email Address List result? You gain a bunch of followers (or email subscribers) as a result, and you make a bunch of your readers VERY happy. Here’s a recent example from

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Elegant Themes: 09 Elegant Themes giveaway Canada Email Address List example Source: Elegantthemes.com And, I’ve had great results using giveaways for clients in the past. So, what’s the first step to a successful giveaway? The prize is the most important part but you also should consider: Relevance to your audience – Prizes that Canada Email Address List are more relevant will attract your target audience. Generic prizes (e.g. iMac/iPad) will attract a generic audience but likely increase the reach of your giveaway. Prize value – the more valuable, the better. Prize popularity – If the prize isn’t something people will want Canada Email Address List Number of prizes – More chances to win can encourage more people to take part. You might be thinking: “Ok, this is great but I don’t want to pay for something awesome to give away

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