That’s a pretty dramatic revenue Ethiopia Email List  improvement – Those are the kind of figures that would put a smile on any investor’s face. Source: Statista7 15. 40 million businesses are active users of Facebook Messenger Facebook and Messenger alike are a hub for business. With many features available for businesses to utilize, Facebook Ethiopia Email List and its messaging app are extremely popular amongst small businesses in particular. According to an article published by Facebook Messenger, the app is used by around 40 million businesses. Source: Facebook Messenger News1 16. 85% of Ethiopia Email List brands reported they use Facebook Messenger regularly Facebook Messenger is particularly popular in the US and Canada, and many brands in the region utilize the app

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for marketing and customer support. According to a Ethiopia Email List study carried out by Statista around 85% of brands use Facebook Messenger. In the study, brands were asked “Which instant messenger or video call services do you use regularly?” and most brands responded with “Facebook Messenger”. Source: Statista6 17. Daily conversations Ethiopia Email List between users and businesses grew by more than 40% in 2020 For many Facebook users, the Facebook platform is a great way to interact with the businesses they love. Aside from businesses pages on the main Facebook platform, users Ethiopia Email List can also contact businesses for help and support using Messenger. According to figures published by Facebook, this is becoming a common way for people to contact businesses.

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