products/services to promote. I Zambia Email Lists recommend starting with ones that you are most familiar with. Start with a quick online search to see if they offer an affiliate program. Search for something like “affiliate program”” product/brand name”. Be sure to keep them relevant and only promote top-tier products. And disclose your affiliate Zambia Email Lists links. Note: Some affiliate programs will be handled directly through a brand, or ecommerce store. For other programs, they will be managed by a dedicated affiliate network. These are great because they give you access to a lot of affiliate programs in a single Zambia Email Lists platform. Check out our article on affiliate platforms to learn more. 6. Sponsored content Sponsored content can be a highly effective way to monetize your blog but you’ll need your

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blog to be well established before you can attract Zambia Email Lists sponsors. In fact, the main challenge is finding sponsors. However, on a positive note, you get to choose who you want to work with and set your own prices. A good starting point is to create an advertising page that lists your rates for ads and sponsored content. You should Zambia Email Lists also create a media kit that you can send out to potential sponsors. This would include details on your blog’s traffic, social media following, email list, demographics, target audience, etc. The sponsored content you create would depend largely on what potential sponsors are Zambia Email Lists looking for. This could be anything from a product review to something more viral in nature like this Buzzfeed article: Buzzfeed viral articles It is worth mentioning that

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