Most bloggers struggle to Vietnam Email List  make money from ads because their content strategy doesn’t align with this specific business model. Remember the BACM framework from earlier? That’s even more important with this monetization method. Your content strategy will hinge on your ability to scale your content output and Vietnam Email List publish content that naturally attracts traffic in droves. This means shorter articles and being smart about the content types you incorporate into your overall strategy. Newsworthy content and viral content will be your bread and butter. And encouraging social sharing will be Vietnam Email List a top priority (these social share plugins will help). However, it is also important to publish keyword focused content every once in a while. Driving traffic from SEO will help your site’s overall visibility.

How to Find Someone’s Name and Address From Their Cell Phone Number

SEO traffic won’t be as profitable as social media visitors Vietnam Email List when it comes to ads, but there are additional benefits to doing this. For example, you could diversify your blog monetization strategy by adding affiliate marketing into the mix. Note: Ready to monetize your blog with advertising? You’ll need to choose an ad network. Check Vietnam Email List out our article on the best ad networks to find the right one for you. 5. Affiliate marketing What is affiliate marketing exactly? It is a popular way to monetize a blog, where you are paid on a cost-per-action (CPA) basis. Essentially, you promote someone else’s product and Vietnam Email List they pay you a commission for sales. It is a nice way to monetize a blog because you can get started right away and you don’t have to worry about handling customer

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