especially if you’re not Guinea Email List promoting a blog post or news article. The Add Post UI is divided into two panels: one for the post editor on the left and another for previews on the right. socialbee add post You can select the profile(s) you’d like to publish to. This is another aspect of social media management SocialBee thrives at. Guinea Email List Social media management apps are meant to be a more efficient way to publish to social media. They do this by allowing you to schedule posts for multiple social media platforms by creating a single draft. Unfortunately, many apps, even the most expensive ones, make it difficult for Guinea Email List you to actually create multiple posts. Sprout Social, for instance, has a single text editor for every platform you want to publish to. This means you either need

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to keep your draft for all social media platforms Guinea Email List under 280 characters or waste time creating posts for each platform individually. SocialBee simplifies this by including separate editors for each platform. This makes it much easier to optimize posts for different social media platforms. You can even create multiple variants for each Guinea Email List post. When it comes time to publish the post again in the queue, the app will use the next variant you set up until it needs to start back at Variant 1. The only difference is Twitter. Twitter’s terms of use forbids you to publish identical posts to your account. SocialBee works around Guinea Email List this by first publishing the next variant, then retweeting your original posts rather than publishing them as whole new posts. The editor itself is quite simple.

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