Imagine a family of six who lived in  Nepal Email List a cramped and very funny house with just one bathroom. Think of the confusion when everyone insisted on showering at the same time? The father of the house, poor man, was always last to make room for his offspring and his Nepal Email List  wife. One day, thinking about how he could solve the situation, he started researching: “how to buy a big house without paying too much”. It was at that moment that the company Rodobens jumped to the first page of the search to solve all of this father’s doubts with this problem. Or imagine the story of a young girl who just got out of college, got her dream job, but lives a long way from work. One day, Nepal Email List  exhausted from the heavy routine that made her very tired — not because of her work, but because of all the commuting — she went to search the internet for solutions available for her case and the company Rodobens appeared on the first page of her research. What do these stories have in common: achievements.

And that is how we would like to Nepal Email List  introduce Rodobens, a leading company in enabling achievements marked by innovative solutions in the lives of its customers . With over 70 years of history and customer victories, it is the largest in its segment in the country. And I needed a scalable and sustainable strategy to save on paid media to generate organic traffic and, in turn, sell! The Rodobens offers complete solutions to its clients and partners through an integrated operating model and innovative in the sectors of financial services and automotive retail. How rock content helped Rodobens stand out from Rock Content Read on and learn about this success story Nepal Email List ! the first contact Rodobens met Rock Content at a Marketing event , where our team of Content Marketing experts had the opportunity to give a taste of what our company could offer and achieve with our digital tactics. Rodobens, attracted by the numerous growth opportunities, came to Belo Horizonte, where Rock Content is based, to learn more about our proposal. The challenge and the first actions Rodobens needed help to increase lead volume and, Nepal Email List consequently, sales, as well as an organic strategy to support the ads as well as educate prospects. Our first action was to carry out a survey of Rodobens’ personas , that is, semi-fictitious representations that presented the profile to be the company’s consumers. For this, we collected data that characterized these ideal customers.

Thus, we were able to take relevant steps towards building a content strategy that was solid Nepal Email List  and scalable. From then on, the two teams made an effort to produce specific content to attract the persona and lead them to enter the Inbound Marketing strategy , which consists of attracting, converting, selling and delighting the customer . In this strategy, it was also  Nepal Email List important to produce, in addition to attraction content — which are those that solve doubts or become references in web searches — content that would make the persona go into the consideration phase. Why did Rodobens become a success story? Rodobens is today a success story for its engagement and commitment to the strategy created by Rock Content, and for strictly following the performance guidelines of this strategy . Also, for having this insight, as says Marketing Analyst Mirna Alvarenga . Mirna Alvarenga “ And as it is a qualitative strategy, measuring results is a difficult task, however, it is essential for the effectiveness of the action to be recognized and debated Nepal Email List  within the company. And, in addition to all this, it is very important to have a good CRM and automation tool, and to have people dedicated to the project, with technical knowledge about the strategy.

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