We cannot afford the latter. 12. Winners and Losers Crisis proof Every crisis has winners and losers. Also during the corona crisis. Winners include online service providers, streaming services, supermarkets, delivery services, electronics retailers, horticultural and hardware stores, and manufacturers of protective equipment. We find losers in Armenia Phone Number List catering, tourism, culture, sports, at conferences, events, museums, theatres, amusement parks, aviation, broadcasting, retail, and export.

Bill Gates deferred repayments

Companies that make it through have made their strategy crisis-proof in time. But often need a long time to return to their old level. Reinvent For many entrepreneurs and freelancers, the support of the government, tax authorities, and banks is nice, but postponement of execution. The deferred tax paid and banks at some point collect. Their deferred repayments loans, credits, and mortgages probably with as much (misunderstanding) understanding as during the previous financial crisis.

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Armenia Phone Number List

Losers have to reinvent themselves to become winners again. This requires resilience, creativity, daring, innovation, speed, and a healthy dose of luck. Income gap There are also winners and losers among consumers, people. Who emerge from the crisis stronger and weaker. It is the government’s job to support the losers and ensure. That the gap between rich and poor does not widen. It remains to whether this will succes given the sharply rising prices for food, healthcare, housing, and energy.

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