It is not new that Instagram shows great potential for brands, and that is precisely what made the platform implement tools such as Instagram for Companies and also Instagram Shopping Somalia Email List . The solution has helped retailers of all sizes, from startups to giants, to sell their products in a fast, illustrative and highly engaging way . It is very common for companies to post images of their Somalia Email List  products on their Instagram accounts as a form of promotion. Based on this, Instagram Shopping was designed so that, in addition to exhibiting, brands could also offer a purchase button. Thus, the process becomes faster and more dynamic, with a link that can be decisive for generating more conversions. Somalia Email List  In this post, we’ll talk more about the following topics.

What is Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping is a feature that Somalia Email List  allows retailers to place product links on photos posted in the feed . In practice, instead of using tags to tag users, the feature works in a similar way to price tags: each item shown in the photos receives this tag, Somalia Email List  but with its name and the item’s value. The difference that really works in favor of the stores is that it is not just informative, but actually a small store that the brand can create on its Instagram profile. In the main feed of the stores, you can see, between the tabs, one that is directed to Somalia Email List  Instagram Shopping, with the icon of a shopping bag. Instagram store icon If you prefer, the user can click directly on this tab, accessing the feed with all the products that the store has. Thus, it is not necessary to find them among the traditional brand posts. Sample store on Instagram It is a great advance at a functional level to serve Somalia Email List  those who want an optimized experience, visiting the profile just to look for a specific product and make a purchase. How does Instagram’s shopping tool work.

Instagram Shopping offers Somalia Email List  different ways to view products , in addition to how users can complete the purchase of products. The idea is, in addition to facilitating access to these items, also ensuring that companies of all sizes can enjoy the tool. However, here is the same requirement for the use of links in stories : Somalia Email List  from 10 thousand followers! Somalia Email List  Understand better how Instagram Shopping works in different moments of the users’ browsing experience and get to know better the way it has its products.

In the feed

Below, there is a new posts feed, Somalia Email List  but this is only posts that have product tags, forming a real store. In this environment, there is also a highlighted button that, when clicked, directs the user to the brand’s website, so that he can then complete the purchase. In stories In stories , the way it works is no different. Somalia Email List  In the same way that it is possible to tag people in common user accounts, those who have Instagram Shopping enabled can use product tags. When clicking on them Somalia Email List , the user is normally taken to the item’s page, in the same way as with the use in the feed. Instagram Shopping in Stories Retrieved from: Meltwater In augmented reality filters Another feature, this one more playful, is the integration of Instagram Shopping features to augmented reality filters Somalia Email List. In stories, these filters are available for users to test a certain product, which can be lipstick, glasses, a hat, a decoration item for environments, or any other possibility.

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