We are also seeing it more and more clearly in the data from Google Trends. When we compare the data for the search term ‘Black Friday’ over the Malta Phone Number List past three years, we see a clear difference. Interest in Black Friday in search behavior in 2018. 2018 – Google Trends Interest in Black Friday in 2019 in a chart. 2019 – Google Trends The search behavior around Black Friday in 2020. 2020 – Google Trends You don’t have to be an experienced data analyst to see that development is underway.

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Deals are announced earlier and even published earlier. And potential buyers are increasingly aware of this development. You can clearly see in this data that people are already looking for good deals before Black Friday. The orientation phase is becoming increasingly important. You’d be crazy not to act on that.

Malta Phone Number List
Malta Phone Number List

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On age categories, It is clear that both retailers and consumers are increasingly preoccupied with Black Friday. We also see this clearly on our platform, Blackfridaysale.nl. The chart below shows two important points: 7 days before Black Friday 2020 (November 19) and on the day itself (November 26). google trends. We achieved more organic traffic during the orientation phase than on the day itself. Users in the 25-34 age group are best represented in the two peaks.

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