Noindex” is also a very popular tag, as it sends Martinique Email List another message to the algorithm: “Google, you don’t need to index this page in my SEO strategy”. This can be useful if you have a subdomain whose page is still under development and you don’t want visitors before Martinique Email List  you launch the new stuff. You can also use “noindex” if you have unique content for other steps in your lead conversion strategy and you only want to unlock it if users fill out a form. That way, no visitor will be able to find that page by search engines unless they leave the requested information. To embed meta robots on your website, just insert the following code into your HTML Header Tags Header tags (Martinique Email List) are used for structuring and ranking the content on the page Martinique Email List . They are also important because they help search engines understand the importance of each section of the page.

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In addition, they improve the user experience by making Martinique Email List  the content easier to read. Best practices in the use of these tags advise to use limited title categorizations so that the text is also not polluted. Thus, the maximum number possible so as not to impair scanability is 4 tags, which must be displayed as follows: Martinique Email List h1 for title; h2 for subtitles that divide the content; h3 to categorize the sections in each h2 and so on. See how tags were applied to this content: Quais ferramentas so Martinique Email List usadas para verificar se as meta tags sago otimizadas  Other meta tags Below, learn about other types of meta tags that can be used — or dropped — in various circumstances: social meta tags — OpenGraph and Twitter data, for example, are important for sharing, but not needed as a declaration for algorithms; meta tags for bots — tags for robots, such as Googlebot, may or may not be useful.

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hey are used to give very specific instructions to a bot Martinique Email List , such as not to use Yahoo Directory listing information (noydir); Martinique Email List  language (language) meta tags — the only reason the user applies this tag is when he changes country and, consequently, the device location, so he needs to declare the main language of his page (there is a specific list by which you can declare); Geo meta tags — These meta tags are only supported by Bing as the location can be set directly through Google’s Search Console. They tell you the location, position related to latitude and  Martinique Email List longitude and region. Verified site meta tags  Martinique Email List — Instead of using this type of meta tag, you can verify your site to Google through DNS , an external file, or by serving the account to Google Analytics and Bing through from an XML file; author meta tag — it has been used a lot,

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