Write about what’s hot Another point that must be Slovakia Email List  considered is the topics that are in high demand. In general, content is classified into evergreen and news. While the first ones are valid for a long term, the news ones are those that address topics that are widely sought after and discussed today. It is important, however, that they are created and published in the context of the business , that is, that they are relevant to the personas the company wants to attract. Covid-19 pandemic content Source: Sebrae 3. Make podcasts  Slovakia Email List or an email list Using other platforms and formats that reach potential customers more efficiently and channel them to the company’s blog is one way to drive organic traffic. These types of publications, such as audio content, can help educate the lead about the company’s products. But blog content must be developed as a marketing funnel that follows the purchase decision journey. In other Slovakia Email List  words, attracting leads to the blog makes the company organize its process of acquiring new customers .

Should You Purchase An Email List

Publish content regularly The regularity of posts makes Slovakia Email List  visitors who are interested in the content return to seek new information and continue their journey of decision to buy . In addition, if the company is investing in paid traffic, this can be the trigger for new content and images to be presented on site and e-commerce displays that are part of contracted ads, for example. 5. Bet on guest Slovakia Email List  posts Guest posts are content published on the blogs of partner companies and portals specialized in the subject. Both you and the partner share the same target audience , but ideally your products and services are not competitors . Otherwise, instead of attracting and generating business for both parties, the strategy could hurt their results. In addition to the similar target audience, choosing a partner who will exchange guest  Slovakia Email List posts with you must consider the brand’s positioning and its image in the market.

How to Build a Solid Email List

A business based on a sustainable production process Slovakia Email List , for example, should look for companies with the same line of action.  Link building The link building strategy involves a hierarchy and order of links to other content already published on your company’s blog and to external posts when this is relevant to the content. Thus, the company must create some contents that are considered Slovakia Email List  pillars of the content strategy. In them, information about the business’ differentials and the quality of its products and services will be highlighted, as well as a wealth of additional data that are relevant to the lead decision. Then, news posts and those that cover topics superficially, for example, will receive a link to the main content. Thus, in the order of the visitor’s reading, the probability that he will continue his search using such links is higher. This makes him stay longer on the blog and increase the number of hits on the pillar posts , which Slovakia Email List , consequently, may rise in Google’s ranking

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