The 5-star organization is not future-proof. The point Korsten makes by linking Kennedy to today’s companies. That the 5-star organization is no longer sufficient. A 5-star organization performs optimally on all fronts. That is no longer South Africa Phone Number List enough to remain relevant and successful. To do this, the organization must be lif to a higher level, beyond.

If that works Step Plan

Then you have a 7-star organization. And these organizations are future-proof. Then a little about the book The 7-star organization (affiliate) is a practical book. With many inspiring examples and powerful questions. You answer these questions after each chapter to map out. Where your organization stands now and in which areas you can improve.

South Africa Phone Number List
South Africa Phone Number List

Step Plan  thinking pattern

Ideally suited for directors, managers, and professionals who dare to look the future in the eye. Build a strong organization Maneuvering in a rapidly changing market, where competition for talent is high, requires a targeted approach. Do you want to work effectively and immediately bind the right professionals to you? Promote your vacancy through the channels of Frankwatching and reach hundreds of marketing specialists via the job board. Knowing more?

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