The support I have received has been fundamental and unconditional. Me and my baby enjoyed every second! Sofia Huerta Bárbara Georgiane, Marketing Analyst  French email lists — Brazil I understand that being able to work from a home office is more than a benefit, it’s a privilege, because this way I can keep up with my girls’ routine, a fact that is of paramount importance because I also decided to reconcile this experience with my career, something that makes me a fulfilled woman. I won’t lie that reconciling respon French email lists sibilities as a mother and professional is an easy task, because it isn’t. But the two of them make me happy together, and somehow I need to make them both walk well adjusted. So I want to share with you some tips that work well for me! One of them is: Identifying the real needs — children and work. Taking stock of all the needs in separate lists helps you see the situation you find yourself in.

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An example is: my daughters, like all children, need to feel French email lists  emotionally secure, it was something I identified, so in our routine I prioritize activities that generate connection between us — things like: cooking together, reading the same book snogging.  French email lists , watching movies hand in hand and so on. I’ve already noticed that when I do one of these activities, they feel loved and safe , with this they are free to do the things they like and then I gain time to dedicate myself to other tasks that I like and need, such as work. And to deal with the burden of spending several hours focused on work I say 7 sentences that don’t let them forget how much I care about them, even when French email lists  I can’t pay as much attention during the home office. Things like: “you brighten my days” “I love you no matter what” “I’m here with you, let’s go through this together” “thank you for your help” “I’m sorry, I’ll try different next time” “you can talk, I’m listening to you” “I understand you” In this way, we live one day at a time, enjoying French email lists  each moment intensely and with a grateful heart for the daily choices and permissions.

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Barbara Georgian Amanda Gusmão, French email lists  Freelance Copywriter — Brazil I already worked in a home office before the social isolation, but my routine was well defined. I often took the computer to work while my kids took swimming lessons and negotiated some jobs while waiting for classes to end. But with the interruption French email lists  of services and schools, our lives became mixed and concentrated in four walls . On some days, everything seems to be chaos and despair takes over, on others we bake cakes and have fun like never before. I think we are living a moment of intimate and social transformation. We are in the cocoon phase French email lists , which is not always easy to deal with. But I believe that we will come out of it more beautiful and knowing how to value life in a different way. Amanda Gusmao Débora Torres, Software Developer — Brazil Working from home with a young child at home is undoubtedly a great challenge, just as it is a gift to be able to spend more time with him at this very important stage of his development. Between one meeting and another or during work that requires greater concentration, there is an unexpected lap and warmth.


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