We had a vast field of land, but in the end, we Bahamas Email List couldn’t produce more than seven or 10 bags of maize. I just saw farming as unbearable and very difficult. My parents started like this and ended like this. I lived the same life. And I didn’t want my children to have this kind of life. I just wanted out. Jonathan Levine 07:03 But the reality is, there aren’t many opportunities for discontented farmers like Halliru. Cities are overcrowded, and that often drives them to Bahamas Email List migrate abroad. Once they’re vulnerable, Kola Masha says they become easy targets for recruitment by insurgency groups, especially young people. Kola Masha 07:21 As oxygen is to fire, Bahamas Email List so are unemployed youth to insecurity. And we have a tremendous number of unemployed youth, not just in Nigeria, but across the continent.

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In Nigeria alone, from 1990 to 2010, about 20 million youth Bahamas Email List entered an oversaturated workforce, causing youth unemployment to spike to over 60 percent, triggering not one, not two, but three insurgencies. News clip 07:49 The oil-rich Niger Delta in southern Nigeria has been a hotbed of violence… Kola Masha 07:54 in the early to mid 2000s, we have the growth of the Niger Delta militancy. News clip 07:59 Ceremonies around the world today for those girls Bahamas Email List kidnapped one year ago in Nigeria by the group Boko Haram… Kola Masha 08:06 Towards the latter part of the 2000s, we saw the rise of Boko Haram. News clip 08:11 In Nigeria an age-old conflict between herdsmen and farmers, a conflict that is becoming increasingly violent…Bahamas Email List Kola Masha 08:19 More recently, you’ve seen a tremendous rise in banditry around other parts of the country.

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Masha 08:32 If you look now, from 2010 to 2030, we now have Bahamas Email List four times the number of youth—80 million people entering that same oversaturated workforce. So really, if 20 million youth entering the workforce in 20 years triggered Boko Haram, Niger Delta crisis, banditry crisis, what would four times that number do? Jonathan Levine 09:02 The question Bahamas Email List haunted Kola and Lola Masha for years. As Kola traveled around northern Nigeria making deals for the fertilizer business, Lola was working as a consultant for McKinsey and Company in the US. Lola Masha 09:15 We both had the joint mission-vision-objective of doing something better Bahamas Email List at home, right. Of taking sort of the wealth of knowledge, opportunity, frankly, privilege that we had gotten, and thinking of ways to improve the way things work back in Nigeria.

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