And Kola Masha’s ambitions don’t stop at the border. He has Chile Email List a plan to replicate his model across Africa through a fellowship program that trains others to do the same in their own countries. Kola Masha 44:46 We take aspiring social entrepreneurs and put them through a rigorous five-year process with a goal, at the end of the day, to enable them to build their Chile Email List own Babban Gona in half the time that it took us to reach break-out scale. Jonathan Levine 45:01 The first two fellows, from Senegal and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, are already in training. Five more are being recruited for next year. Kola Masha 45:10 The goal is that by 2030, Chile Email List we want to have at least replicated ourselves 100 times.

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Jonathan Levine 45:16 So with all of that effort, will it make Chile Email List a difference beyond Nigeria? Jenny Scharrer 45:20 Will it change the continent? Jonathan Levine 45:22 Jenny Scharrer isn’t so sure. Jenny Scharrer 45:25 Well, it will only change the continent if you can find many, many more Kola Mashas. And there aren’t that many more that bring the business acumen, the dedication, vision, and leadership to the table in the way that he does. Jonathan Levine Chile Email List 45:40 And then there’s the question of whether Babban Gona has made a difference to security in the country—the reason Kola and Lola Masha embarked on this journey in the first place… Is there any evidence at this point that all your work in the last 10 years—has it had any impact yet on Chile Email List mitigating the violence, do you think.

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Lola Masha 46:00 Ah, how do I answer that question? So I would Chile Email List say within the communities that we work with, are those communities better off? Better off in the sense that they not only have increased income, but they use that extra money to improve their homes, to improve their ways of living, sending their kids to school, all of that? The answer is yes. 100 percent yes. How far does that impact go in reducing violence across the country? The reality is that Chile Email List Nigeria is a 200 million population country. And we’ve worked with, cumulatively I think, about 250,000 farmers so far. So we will be ludicrous to state that we’ve completely changed dynamics across the country. That’s the aspiration that we’re aiming for. But within the areas that we work, we’ve definitely seen clear improvements that are measurable, quantifiable. Those Chile Email List regions are better off. Jonathan Levine 47:03 Anecdotally, there’s some evidence for that. Yahaya Mudi is a traditional leader from the village of Dokantegwai, where most of the farmers are Babban Gona members.

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