It is not your role to define or publicize protocols Pitcairn Email List for action to combat the pandemic. Remember that the situation is very delicate and the population needs accurate information, so let the official bodies and health professionals carry out this work.  Pitcairn Email List Adjust your language to the seriousness that the moment demands This is no time for humor or sarcasm in corporate communication . People are apprehensive and even the slightest perception of contempt or carelessness about the situation can severely affect your brand’s reputation. be clear and objective Pitcairn Email List  The population is being bombarded with news and content about Coronavirus, so if you want to continue capturing people’s attention, you will need to be as clear and direct in your messages, articles Pitcairn Email List , media and campaigns. keep up to date We are facing an emergency and there are many issues to be clarified. It is a time of rapid change in which information released now can lose its relevance within hours.

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Therefore, it has never been so important Pitcairn Email List  to keep up-to-date, especially in relation to the control guidelines issued by the WHO and the Ministry of Health. Marketing and Sales Webinar in Times of Quarantine Fight the fake news The fake news now account for Pitcairn Email List  of the messages scanned by the Ministry of Health. The negative impact of false news has been attested in elections in many countries and their damage potential is even greater in a health crisis. Among so many false messages and guidelines disseminated on social media, it is very likely that some Pitcairn Email List  of them relate to your work. Therefore, be sure to use your expertise to demystify myths that circulate among the population. A great example was given by  Pitcairn Email List  BH, which was the victim of rumors pointing to the supposed end of its stocks. The company, in turn, reacted quickly by denying the false information and also urging consumers to shop with awareness given the increased demand.

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Use light content with caution It can be positive to publish light content amidst the huge Pitcairn Email List  wave of news about suspected cases and deaths. However, these materials should be disseminated sparingly and ideally they are not related to the pandemic. Keep your content strategy Pitcairn Email List  Continue with the Content Marketing strategy , after all, the world has not stopped. People still have their everyday tasks and problems and good things keep happening. So keep your team and your audience engaged with good tips, stories and relevant information. Even with the expansion Pitcairn Email List  of Coronavirus in the United States, Apple, for example, did not fail to publish special material in honor of International Women’s Day, and the repercussion was incredible. Pitcairn Email List  Anticipate changes in consumer behavior The worldwide importance attributed to covid-19 is already observed in Google searches. Since mid-January, searches for the term “Coronavirus” have soared and are expected to continue growing until the end of the pandemic.

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