The feeling of inequality can already arise in the parking lot. It revolves around personal leadership, culture (called Googleness), knowledge of the field. Survey Important and cognitive skills. Thinking in and building communities became the starting point. Social intranets Cambodia Phone Number List pushed the more traditional intranets into oblivion. We hadn’t needed that for a long time anyway, was the tenor in many organizations. And that was very understandable.

Survey Important the type of work

Because an intranet on which you only find the latest news and also only outdated information and contact details of colleagues who have already left employment, that is of course of no use to you. A lot of work is not social at all But is the social intranet doing that much better? I very much wonder. Because many organizations are not at all equipped to work ‘socially’ with each other. This has to do with countless factors, for example with the sector or industry and the type of work that goes with it, with the organizational culture and leadership, but also simply with (a lack of) management of social.

Cambodia Phone Number List
Cambodia Phone Number List

Interaction Survey Important

The problem with many old-fashioned, but also social intranets, is still the feeling of many employees that it ‘will be added’. In other words, the intranet doesn’t help me in my day-to-day work. I have to do an extra action for it. I have to spend extra time on it in addition to all the things that just have to be done. The intranet or community is one of the first things to fall off the board when there is more work than time. Three aspects are relevant for the digital work environment Don’t get me wrong.

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