How does Google “see” health sites and content Chile Email List How to do SEO for health sites? 10 tips to rank better! Stay with us to check out obligations, concepts, techniques and 10 valuable SEO tips to get your site healthy to the top results of search rankings! What are the regulations foreseen for the dissemination of health content? An SEO strategy for health sites involves actions to increase Chile Email List  domain authority, creation of institutional pages, provision of information channels and basic and advanced on-page SEO practices. The result of this work is an attractive, optimized and easily searchable site. Editor’s health website Image taken from the site: Saúde Abril However, before discussing good Digital Marketing practices , we need to inform ourselves about the regulations foreseen for this type of enterprise. Chile Email List Health sites deal with relatively sensitive issues, usually related to the dissemination of products or organizations in the area, in addition to having professionals participating in the production of content.

The Medical Advertising Manual

Based on CFM resolution Chile Email List 1,974/11 and made available by the Federal Council of Medicine, establishes a series of rules for the creation and publication of articles related to health, as well as for the conduct of physicians when providing information, give interviews and publish articles in different media, including the internet. Let’s look at some important excerpts from this document. Types of content prohibited by the Federal Council of Medicine Chile Email List  The Medical Ethics Code states that the advertising in medicine should be socially responsible and true . In this context, the following practices are prohibited: workplace selfies; equipment promotion; adjective expressions, such as “the best”, “the only one” or “guaranteed result”; sharing unproven information without scientific basis. Standards for publications involving professionals Regarding the publication of articles and advertising materials or the creation of websites for professionals or clinics, centers and other health organizations, Chile Email List  the following information is required : name of physician,

Thus, it is essential that those involved in the creation and maintenance of this type of content

liberal or technical director; area of ​​activity registered with the Regional Council of Medicine (CRM); registration in CRM; Expert Qualification Record (RQE) number. Chile Email List  Attention: this information is only a summary of some topics presented in the material made available by CFM. Although their guidelines are given as a reference in this type of disclosure, they are very focused on the conduct of physicians. Health websites may also feature publications by other professionals in the field, such as nutritionists, Chile Email List  pharmacists and biochemists. including marketing professionals , become aware of the rules provided for by the bodies and official councils of each profession . What are the basic practices of an optimization strategy? We won’t go into basic SEO settings and techniques in this article, but we need to emphasize that these Chile Email List  are the cornerstones of good optimization. Therefore, to ensure that the tips presented in the next topics bring the expected results.

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