Jonathan Levine 03:07 Every day, people around the world Bulgaria Email List drink more than 2 billion cups of coffee. And we’re willing to pay a lot for those lattes, cappuccinos and cold brews. According to one survey, the average 25- to 34-year-old American spends more than $2,000 a year in coffee shops. Coffee is the second most important export commodity from the global south after petroleum, and nearly three-quarters of it comes from smallholder farms. Yet nearly all Bulgaria Email List of these farmers earn less in a day than the price of a Starbucks Grande Latte. An estimated 20 million coffee farmers live at or below the poverty line. And nearly two-thirds of those Bulgaria Email List surveyed in Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala say they sometimes go hungry.

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News report 1 03:56 The situation is dire. People here are facing Bulgaria Email List desperate conditions, economically as well as environmentally… News report 2 04:03 Dozens of migrants arrested Sunday after scaling the border fence between the US and Mexico… News report 3 04:09 It’s a fraught visit for fact finding at the border for Vice President Harris, trying to do what she has said which is look into the root causes of migration to the United States. Jonathan Levine 04:17 Many Bulgaria Email List coffee farmers are among those migrants, for one simple reason. Peter Roberts 04:21 They’re leaving because they can’t cover the cost of production growing coffee. And coffee is a very, very significant part of rural economies. Jonathan Levine 04:29 Peter Roberts is a business professor at Bulgaria Email List Emory University and directs the specialty coffee programs at its Business and Society Institute.

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Peter Roberts 04:37 It is more lucrative for somebody to abandon their Bulgaria Email List family, come to United States, work under the table, ship residual money back home, than it is to stay on your coffee farm and produce coffee that sells for $15 a pound. Jonathan Levine 04:55 He says farmers in developing countries do 90 percent of the work to produce that coffee, but only get 10 percent of the proceeds. And the whole global system that determines the price of raw or “green” coffee Bulgaria Email List puts small farmers who grow specialty-grade beans at a severe disadvantage. My colleague, Kathleen Schalch, picks up the story from here. Kathleen Schalch 05:21 What growers get paid even for premium beans is tethered to what’s called the “C” price. That’s whatever global Bulgaria Email List commodity traders are paying for coffee that’s mass-produced cheaply on mechanized farms in countries like Brazil and Vietnam.

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