The social networks have promoted an Qatar Email List  incredible evolution in the relationship between companies and customers. After all, if they used to consume products and services passively, today they can have a close dialogue with big brands. This possibility helps the consumer to solve doubts and solve problems, in addition to having the potential to increase the volume and consistency of sales . Qatar Email List  When it comes to social media, we immediately think of Facebook and Instagram. But WhatsApp has also proven to be a great tool to strengthen relationships with customers. It turns out that the messaging app options also include Telegram, which may not be the most Qatar Email List  used but is packed with useful marketing functionality . Have you had the opportunity to use Telegram? In this article, we’ll talk about the app and its features and show how it can be Qatar Email List  used in your business’s Digital Marketing . We will cover the following topics: What is Telegram?

What are Telegram’s features

What are the differences between Telegram Qatar Email List  and WhatsApp? Why and how to use Telegram in your business? Read on and discover what Telegram can do for your business! What is Telegram? Telegram is a messaging app released in 2013 initially for Android.  Qatar Email List Today it is cross-platform, that is, it can be accessed from various devices and operating systems, and has 400 million active users monthly. Telegram Users Source: Statista Developed by Russian Pavel Durov, the application is an alternative to other similar solutions, such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp . With it you can, for example, exchange messages with your contacts, send audios and attachments, make calls and chat in groups. When accessing Telegram for the first time, it’s easy to get started, as it has a look and feel that resembles Qatar Email List more well-known competitors. Home of the Telegram Source: Wikimedia Commons Now that you’ve figured out what Telegram is and figured out some facts about it, let’s take a look at its functionality?

What are Telegram’s features

Attachment Size In September 2019, WhatsApp Qatar Email List  announced that users could send attachments up to 100MB. On that occasion, a user tagged the Telegram, which arrived raving: “You need to send a message, but is the attachment too big for other messengers? Try using Telegram, because there you can send files up to 1.5 GB”. Attachments in Telegram customization To start using Qatar Email List  Telegram, you need to customize your business data. In addition to inserting a photo and company name on your profile, you can include a link to your website . This way, your potential customers can easily access your business website, which helps to complement their experience. After all, they might be interested in finding out more about your company as well as about your products and services. audio As with WhatsApp, on Qatar Email List  Telegram it is also possible to send audios, but there is a very interesting additional feature: the possibility of speeding up playback , which helps the user to save time. groups Groups can contain up to 200,000 users. In addition, administrators can pin messages, which is great so that important communications don’t get lost in the middle of the conversation.

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