you find a series Costa Rica Email List  of themes that allow you to work with the CMS user structure itself , without the need to provide many adjustments. There are also plugins with different options and styles for blogs, with the possibility of inserting links to personal websites and social networks . Create a content hierarchy Costa Rica Email List  Your blog must have a hierarchical content structure so that search engines can understand your proposal and users are able to find information easily. The famous Topic Clusters suggested by HubSpot are a great reference for this type of organization. Under this strategy, your content production needs to deliver: main contents (post pillar): broad, technical and detailed materials — must be produced by competent persons (EAT); Costa Rica Email List  cluster (additional content): complementary materials that contribute to the user experience (clarifying terms, contextualizing topics or presenting related tips, for example). A main content can be related to several additional content.

The ideal however is not to be tied to the quantity

But to the frequency of publications — Costa Rica Email List  the pace should be reasonable, in order to avoid compromising the quality of the productions. Topic Cluster Retrieved from: Hubspot You can also group your pages into subjects or themes, which doesn’t require creating categories and tags on your blog. It’s the internal links that deserve your attention. 4. Organize your internal links Costa Rica Email List  For search engines to fully understand the hierarchy of your content, it is essential that you reproduce it in your internal link structure. internal link Given that your visitors and, above all, search engine robots “search” your site through addresses and hyperlinks, what we need to do here is to create logical paths to drive visitors. As such, it ‘s important that your clusters link to the main content — it’s not a rule, but it’s Costa Rica Email List  recommended that it be the first hyperlink in the article — and that they, in turn, link back to the cluster whenever possible. Other internal links must be worked according to the characteristics of each content.

Google assigns authority to your domain

Your reader may, for example, have some Costa Rica Email List  doubt or curiosity about a certain term cited. Therefore, it is recommended to present easy paths to complementary materials . 5. Get referenced (quotes and backlinks) At this stage of the link building strategy , one of the most important ranking factors is the backlinks , the links from other websites that point to your pages. When Costa Rica Email List  respected sites use your content as a reference. In this sense, there are three ways to get these external indications: quality content : starting from the basics, when producing high-value materials, they tend to be referenced naturally; guest posts : in this type of partnership, you or one of your authors publish on another company’s blog and vice versa; advertising: publications sponsored in newspapers, magazines and portals, generally used for the purpose of promoting brands, services or products. Links are very important, but let’s not forget about the EAT attributes. Costa Rica Email List  Some specialist companies suggest that Google analyzes web citations to estimate the reputation of websites and their authors.

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