The New Economic Organisers Network has also used Antarctica Email List ​this kind of insight to create Stories of Struggle, a program that helps people fighting for social justice situate their work within the wider historical context of movements for change in the United Kingdom. Stories of past social movements can help people working toward systemic change situate their work within a wider historical context. Enabling individuals to connect their personal stories to Antarctica Email List stories of community is at the heart of the public narrative work pioneered by veteran organizer Marshall Ganz. Charlotte Millar described in an interview how Ganz’s work Antarctica Email List as been integral to her own leadership development work as co-founder of the Finance Innovation Lab and Head of Training with the New Economic Organisers Network (NEON).

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This work of authoring a compelling story about yourself, Antarctica Email List your community, and the need for urgent action, is integral to creating movements. Without a common story, movements lack a narrative about why they exist and will fail to generate a sense of belonging amongst their members.” The Ayni Institute, a movement strategy and research organization, talks about the DNA of movements, of which story is a central component. It describes the importance of developing a structure that is both tight and enabling, allowing both coherence and distributed Antarctica Email List leadership. Tech for Good Global is grappling with this process; its London meet-ups now have 6,000 members and are spreading across the United Kingdom to Manchester, Cambridge, Birmingham, Bath, Bristol, and Glasgow. Co-founder Cassie Robinson says her group wants Antarctica Email List “to foster shared language and a common understanding.”

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For that to happen, she asks, “What’s the minimum viable Antarctica Email List story that creates enough coherence and also allows for different places to have their own version?” We no longer live in a world of passively inherited stories. We’re increasingly creating and sharing our own on a daily basis. As movement-builders, our work is to get the right balance between structure and openness, creating stories that both build communities and encourage others to actively Antarctica Email List author their own, giving them a greater stake in the issue. STORY AS WEB Finally, we can use story to reauthor the web of narratives we live in. Specifically, we can use it to: Change the personal narratives we have about our lives. Change the cultural narratives that frame the issues Antarctica Email List we advocate for. Change the mythic narratives that influence our worldview.

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