snapshots of your content Greenland Email List categories. Plus, like I said, there’s a specific section in the layout called “Dashboard.” This section contains overview cards for all of your social media profiles. It also has quick-access buttons for all of the social media profiles you can connect. Speaking of, SocialBee integrates with Facebook Greenland Email List profiles, pages and groups, regular and business Instagram accounts, Twitter profiles, LInkedIn profiles and companies, Pinterest accounts, and Google My Business locations. Content As a scheduling tool exclusively, SocialBee’s UI is centered around its Greenland Email List publishing functionality. The content section of the app is no different. This section allows you to create and manage content categories and set up content sources. socialbee

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content categories This section and its complimentary Schedule Setup section are really impressive. Content categories go beyond the labels other social media tools use. They’re more comparable Greenland Email List to WordPress categories in that they help you organize the posts you create into content types. Here are the default content categories already set up for you to give you an idea of how they work: Content without a Category Blogs from RSS Curated Curated News Our Blog Posts Greenland Email List Promotional Quotes, Questions, and Fun You can delete these categories and create new ones as you see fit. Either way, they’re designed to help you create more social media content by grabbing blog posts from your RSS feed and others’ RSS feeds Greenland Email List and encouraging you to create posts

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