It enables them to develop a shared picture of reality. Anguilla Email List” There is a deep craft to this work, for which there are many different methodologies. Common principles include creating safe physical and emotional spaces, where people who are usually marginalized will feel comfortable sharing their stories; listening and ensuring people are heard and respected; and using different creative processes or story prompts that will draw stories out of different kinds of people. Anguilla Email List Using story to build empathy doesn’t have to involve bringing people into the same room. Sometimes the role of the systems changer is to serve as an intermediary. “In stuck systems people have very set narratives about each other,” says Julian Corner, chief executive of the Anguilla Email List Chase Foundation. In one community where the foundation works, social services and families were at loggerheads.

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Parents saw social workers as the people who took children away Anguilla Email List while social workers viewed parents as uncooperative, hostile people who slammed doors in their faces. “It was very stuck,” Corner says. One of his grantees interviewed both families and social workers, and discovered that they wanted the same kind of outcomes. Sharing these stories across the divide helped the two groups come together and co-create a new service. However, as Corner warns, “Most of the rest of system still holds equivalent narratives, so this brokering of conflicting narratives Anguilla Email List has to happen at every level.” Building community through coherence “Any large-scale human cooperation—whether a modern state, a medieval church, an ancient city or an archaic tribe—is rooted in common myths that only exist in people’s collective imagination.” —Yuval Noah Harari Story Anguilla Email List plays an important cohering role in building the groups and movements so essential for systems change.

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It helps disparate people form communities. The Systems Anguilla Email List Changers program run by the Point People, which I co-founded, and Lankelly Chase illustrates this on a micro scale. The program enables frontline workers focusing on issues like homelessness, addiction, mental health, and domestic violence, to contribute to and create systems change. Anguilla Email List After we took the program’s first cohort to the People’s Museum in Manchester, one of the participants reacted by saying, “Although I knew about movements like the suffragettes, it really brought home to me that change is possible.” Hearing the stories of other movements enabled her to see the Anguilla Email List new group she was part of as a movement, which in turn was part of a long history of movements.

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