They are important because they help Indonesia Email List  Google draw conclusions about the quality of your content — the more links pointing to your pages, the better, as long as the source domain has good authority . It turns out that some backlinks simply lack quality and Indonesia Email List  it’s not good to have them pointing to your content. In such cases, you need to tell Google that you reject them , but how do you identify such links? SE Ranking not only checks backlinks, it also gives Google information about any links you reject. In addition, the tool indicates the popularity of your content from the links made on social networks . Checker on page This feature evaluates the optimization of specific pages, similar to how Yoast SEO works. SE Ranking considers factors such as title, meta tags, image attributes, links, page Indonesia Email List structure, loading speed, keyword density, among others. From this analysis, you can improve the content to get a better on-page SEO , which has a great weight among search engine ranking factors.

What is the optimal image size for Facebook

website analysis Indonesia Email List  This feature allows you to perform a complete audit of your website for any issues that could harm both your SEO and your own user experience Indonesia Email List. On the SE Ranking website there is an example of a report that results from the audit. It not only points out the errors found, ranking them according to their degree of importance, but also offers suggestions for correcting them. What is the optimal image size for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and WhatsApp? If you also have this common doubt for those who work Indonesia Email List  with social networks and Marketing and Digital , you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created a complete, up-to-date guide with the measurements you need to know to create the right-sized images . After all, we know you want to impress your audience with an organized feed and well-crafted images. Indonesia Email List  And it’s a pleasure to see a page like this, isn’t it? But we also understand that it’s not easy to get it right. There are several different specifications for a multitude of types of posts you can make on each network . That’s why we’re here to help! Follow our social media image size guide now or visit the index to jump right to what you want to know.

Top Image Sizes on Facebook

The Facebook is the largest social network in the world Indonesia Email List . And in addition to referring to the more than 2.3 billion users out there — we’re also talking about the huge variety of content formats you can use on the platform. Initially it was just image posts, link sharing or video posts. Later, branded content went beyond the feed: groups and events were also used to interact with the audience. Indonesia Email List  Recently, it was the turn of stories on Facebook . And you also have the possibility to advertise on the platform. And for all these options, you need to produce images suitable for publishing spaces. Below, you will see all sizes of images for Facebook that are essential for your presence on the network. Before, there is a caveat about linked posts. When sharing an external URL, Facebook pulls Indonesia Email List  an image from the site. Business pages can change this image and insert whatever they like, at the recommended size, but personal profiles cannot do that. So, on your website, you need to embed the image on your page at the correct size so that it appears correctly on any Facebook share.

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