Photo of a group of people who are all looking at their smartphones mentioned a few examples of secondary, supporting processes based on the results of research among employees themselves. The same things invariably come up there, regardless Colombia Phone Number List of the sector: Book leaves Find a colleague Reserve a meeting room Submit a claim Report a malfunction Each and every one of them is not dazzling, social or even interactive.

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There are actions that hundreds or sometimes thousands of employees (have to) perform every day. Saving a few minutes of time per colleague per month can make a significant difference. There is more room for a chat with a patient, some extra help for a student, slightly better processing of product delivery, and a little personal attention for a customer. How do you include services?

Colombia Phone Number List
Colombia Phone Number List

How do you include internal digital services in your plans for your intranet or digital workplace? In the design and in the development? In the continuous optimization of your digital tools? Having the right conversations with colleagues, Of course, that starts at the beginning. The most important thing is to know what needs and expectations your colleagues have. So don’t start from the lists I posted earlier in this article, but from what your employees themselves ask.

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