As a result of those reactions, I started talking with various people about the collaboration between marketers and developers. It turns out it’s not always that simple. Dave van der Wal, the marketer at Winc Academy, admits that he sometimes Iran Phone Number List does this: ‘As a marketer, I work with our in-house developers on a daily basis. In the collaboration, I regularly come across things that seem very obvious to me. But then turn out not to be that simple.’

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Marketer and developer have miscommunication. It is good to consider the assumptions we can make about each other’s work. As a marketer, we must also just dare to admit that we do not have enough knowledge of development to judge what is easy or difficult to build. Speaking of which… 2. Some development knowledge ensures less noise Those assumptions also diminish when we have some knowledge of each other’s work.

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The question is how much knowledge that should be exactly. Marketers need to know so much already. We are increasingly expected to be true generalists. Flip van Wijk, developer, and teacher at Winc Academy thinks it is important that marketers have some knowledge of development. What does my wish technically mean? Why is one very complicated and the other not? Not everyone naturally understands that. If a marketer does have some knowledge of this, it’s much easier to talk to.’

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