That access to higher market prices is a critical difference Belgium Email List ​between Beban Gone and some other ag support programs on the continent—better-known nonprofits like One Acre Fund Scherrer of the KfW development bank says Bebang on farmers who grow common cash crops like maize could sell anywhere to anyone paying Belgium Email List market price. But most stick with Beban Gone. Jenny Scherrer 18:23 What’s genius about Beban Gone is that Kola managed, through a whole series of incentive schemes, to make farmers stay loyal and come to him because they see a massive benefit for themselves. Jonathan Levine 18:38 There are other Belgium Email List ig differences too. Kola Masha 18:41 We are supporting them complete end-to-end, right.

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Everything: land preparation, tractors services that would Belgium Email List plow their fields, the harvesters that harvest their fields, the transportation services that would move the grains from the field to the stores, physically store their grains for them, physically help market those products for them and remit back the profits from those transactions. It was a complete, holistic package that was very, very different from what is traditionally done. Jonathan Levine 19:12 That’s a Belgium Email List uge attraction to farmers, especially young farmers who need the most help to survive. Babban Gona designed its services specifically to appeal to them. And it’s why more than two-thirds of the members are young—under the age of 35. The full range of services Belgium Email List also helps Babban Gona solve a long-standing problem: how to serve farmers at the bottom of the pyramid and still make a profit.

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Kola says that’s been difficult for two reasons. Kola Masha 19:42 The first is that they tend to have very low purchasing power. So the amount of business that you can do with them is relatively low. Second, they live in very hard-to-reach locations. So the cost to Belgium Email List serve them is very high. This would not be a typical customer that most people would rush to serve. Jonathan Levine 20:04 Babban Gona’s model solves both of these problems. Kola Masha 20:07 We overcome the low purchasing power challenge by financing our solution. Jonathan Levine 20:13 Farmers get everything on credit, so there’s no need for cash upfront. Babban Gona solves the second Belgium Email List problem of high costs in two ways. First, a lot of cell phone-based technology helps to automate everything, from fertilizer deliveries to monitoring crops in the field. And that lowers costs. Belgium Email List It also helps to keep their field staff lean.

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