I think it found its moment and its opportunity, FIJI EMAIL LIST and the learning that has happened has been profound and hugely valuable, even if deeply uncomfortable many times. Sue Urahn: I will tell you I took on the job of CEO about 18 months ago. So, for me, the job has been pandemic and racial reckoning. That has been a lot of, “How do you steer an institution through these incredibly seismic forces that the world is dealing with right now?” and it has been kind FIJI EMAIL LIST of a remarkable experience. Dan LeDuc: Do you feel any sort of responsibility for helping bridge the political divide, not just present data, but do you feel any responsibility for the bridging, or the solving, or the mending? Sue Urahn: I feel a great responsibility to hold on to the FIJI EMAIL LIST nonpartisan approach to the work.

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I think often there is pressure to just take a stand, become part FIJI EMAIL LIST of one of those organizations that is on one side or the other, and I certainly hear that in some cases from younger staff. But I believe that there is an incredibly important role that nonpartisan research organizations play in the broader ebb and flow of policy. And without us, I think the policy FIJI EMAIL LIST system would be a much less rich place and arguably that policy that got made would be a lot less effective. People would not have data that they trusted, and the data would not influence the policy, I don’t think, in the way that we are able to do it. Sarah Rosen Wartell: We have a little bit FIJI EMAIL LIST different history and a little bit different traditions. What we have are individual experts and scholars.


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And we are very content to have a scholar A look at FIJI EMAIL LIST the question in one way, be transparent about their methods and their approach, and reach a conclusion, and expert B reach a different one, or because they’ve asked a different question of the data. And we want each to listen to one another’s challenges and questions, but we don’t have FIJI EMAIL LIST to agree. We do, however, have values and objectives for society that we are trying to pursue. We want a world where inequities are minimized. We want a world where prosperity is more broadly shared. We want to see a world where economic opportunity and mobility is characterized for all. And, so, we are spending a lot of time wrestling with how you can have values, you can have a value FIJI EMAIL LIST of anti-racism, and yet also have intellectual diversity, how you can be comfortable with people reaching different conclusions.

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