Nice! Then this holiday season is a great opportunity to add some fresh display or text ads. Communicate very clearly that you now have a limited-time offer that should not be missed. 4. Think carefully about measurability: how will you Ukraine Phone Number List measure the success of the campaign? There are various ways to gain a good insight into how well your campaigns have run during the holidays.

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It is important to gain insight into this because you want to have your measurability as accurate as possible. This will help you to understand the impact of your online efforts. I mention some possibilities: Use unique discount codes Create a unique discount code for the holidays and communicate it in your online communications.

Ukraine Phone Number List
Ukraine Phone Number List


At the end of your campaign, you can see how often. The discount code has been used and what sales value it represents. Of course, you want to know that, because it helps you to determine whether you have run a profitable campaign or not. Use UTM tags By placing UTM tags in your ads, you get a good insight into where your traffic comes from in Google Analytics.

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