For example, you could add the profit to a trade. 2. More security Filtering data, which enables server-side tagging, also has a security function. For example, not all data is (undesirably) forwarded to a third party such as Bing or Facebook. You can filter Lebanon Phone Number List yourself which data the third parties may and may not receive. Do you want extra security? Then use the encryption functions. 3. New Resources Server-side tagging also offers other possibilities, such as sending extra data to marketing tools.

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This makes it possible to recognize additional information, such as opened e-mails. You can then choose to approach someone again via a different channel. For example, consider an Instagram ad. 4. A faster website Because you send information from your own server instead of multiple marketing tools, the browser does not have to load a code for each channel.

Lebanon Phone Number List
Lebanon Phone Number List

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With client-side tagging. Because a piece of code has to be loaded for each channel, the website becomes slower. When you do this directly via your own server and you shorten the data flow, your website will be faster. 5. Bypass Ad Blockers often block complete requests, even if there is no information in the request that can identify users.


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