It also immediately becomes clear which onboarding step a (new) employee is in. This helps to identify problems early. For example, you can be notified immediately if someone lingers too long in a certain step or if the evaluation shows that the Hong Kong Phone Number List score is unsatisfactory on a certain subject. Here too you can use the DXP for notification emails to HR. Ready for the future? An interesting trend that is increasingly recurring within DXPs is the use of artificial intelligence.

Onboarding Of to automate things

Think of automatic tagging after uploading an image. Handy when an employee uploads his profile picture in which his age or gender is automatically determined. Another interesting functionality in the field of AI is the automatic analysis of texts. Sentiment can be determined here, i.e. whether a text is positive or negative. You can use this, for example, to assess evaluations and directly link actions to them. New employee waves to the laptop. Don’t lose sight of the personal touch!

Hong Kong Phone Number List

A DXP helps marketers get a 360-degree cross-section of the platform’s visitors. This mainly revolves around conversion to ultimately sell the product. With this tool, an HR professional can achieve the same thing, but the goal is different. It is advisable to continue to use the tool as support so that you no longer have to perform some actions manually. This reduces the chance that they will be forgotten. For the new employee, personal contact is an important aspect that should not be at the expense of automation.

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