it is possible to work on aspects of branding Greece Email List  and strengthen issues related to the company’s values. In this way, the company guarantees a closer connection with its customers, in order to retain them with a defined position in their minds. By better exploring these identity factors, . How to apply in Marketing? We will see in this part of the text some types of graphic resources that can Greece Email List  be adopted in a Marketing content. Follow up! Infographic An infographic is a strategy to present denser and more technical content, as well as reports with statistics, among other types. It mixes images, illustrations and text in an accessible and pleasant format to make understanding more fluid. In addition, it is the most used among the visual types in publications, appearing in 34.4% of posts . This type of feature is Greece Email List  built into posts and is a good way to show people the results of surveys the organization conducts or a study that is relevant to the persona. animations Animations are moving images, with a shorter duration and usually with illustrations.

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They involve colors, shapes, lines, images and text to tell stories. They are very useful for teaching something, like in a tutorial, as well as for explaining a technical topic Greece Email List. They allow the creation of imagination scenarios in order to help the reader in understanding . Among the animations, we also highlight the GIFs , which are so famous on social networks. This language should be used sparingly, within the limits of the persona, to make posts and emails more fun and engaging. Digital Marketing GIF Besides, GIFs are interesting to show the use of some tool too, like a moving print. illustrative videos Videos are also moving pictures, with a longer duration. Greece Email List  Therefore, they are more complete and can address dense and specialized content. It is possible to make videos with illustrations, in order to make them more dynamic and interactive, expanding the possibilities of communication. Images Using images in posts is a rule that helps a lot in Content Marketing. They help break down blocks Greece Email List  of text and give the reader a breathing space, while complementing the subject by allowing them to see another way. It’s engaging, dynamic and even fun, as a way of dialoguing with the customer.

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Post Image Usage In virtual stores Greece Email List , images are essential for communication as well. They should be used to showcase the products and allow people to have contact with the items being sold. Use of image in product description Graphics Charts are ways Greece Email List  to present research, ideas and reports with images, colors, shapes and lines as well. They help to understand complex data through their patterns that allow the human eye to capture information that could otherwise go unnoticed. Graph example How can this help with conversions? As we’ve seen Greece Email List , graphical resources are essential to generate results, including influencing conversions. By working the brand identity with these mentioned components, companies are able to clarify the idea about a product or service. This makes it easier for customers to follow through and take the expected action.

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