This allows you to set up your website slightly differently at the back so that you can collect data in a different way. Of course still with careful attention to the privacy of your website users. Server-side tagging in Google Tag Manager Kenya Phone Number List A year ago, the public beta of server-side Google Tag Manager was launched. Server-side tagging is not new, but with the arrival of this new type of container in Google Tag Manager, it becomes a lot more accessible and therefore more popular.

What is server-side The Parcel

In short, server-side tagging is a new way to place pixels on your own website. This via Google Tag Manager, but can also be us via other systems. Not familiar with Google Tag Manager yet? Then it is useful to start at the beginning. Let me first explain how the old way, client-side tag management, works: Client-side tag management Via Google Tag Manager it is possible to leave a piece of code (pixel) on your website.

Kenya Phone Number List
Kenya Phone Number List

Google Tag Manager then collects the data and forwards it. It to the respective platforms whose pixel is, such as Google Analytics, Microsoft Ads, or Facebook. In this case, Microsoft Ads, Facebook, or Google Analytics is the final destination of the data. You can then use this data in Google Analytics, for example, to keep track of your website statistics or use. The data to follow up website users on advertising platforms such as Bing or Facebook.

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