Donors have a wide range of options for making charitable Finland Email List gifts. Which one is the best approach for meeting your philanthropic goals? SSIR publisher Michael Voss speaks with Vonny Carrington, partner with Cerity Partners, and Julia Reed of Schwab Charitable to explore the various approaches available to donors. A sponsored podcast developed with the support of Schwab Charitable. SHARE COMMENT PRINT Giving With Impact Podcast Featuring Vonny Carrington, Julia Reed & Michael Voss Nov. 16, 2021 Giving with Impact logo and a Finland Email List n illustration of nine boxes with two of them checked. Subscribe: One of the essential steps in developing a philanthropic strategy is determining which giving vehicle is right for Finland Email List you. Since there is an array of charitable approaches, it’s important to answer some basic questions: What are the different types of giving vehicles?

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Are they mutually exclusive or can they be combined in Finland Email List a broader philanthropic strategy? Which one is best aligned with your charitable goals? SSIR publisher Michael Gordon Voss speaks with Vonny Carrington, partner with Cerity Partners, and Julia Reed, director of relationship management with Schwab Charitable, who will guide us through the options available to donors looking to make a positive impact in the world. (Scroll further down the page Finland Email List for a full transcript of the discussion.) After you listen: Download the Schwab Charitable Giving Guide to understand how to maximize your charitable giving. Learn about using Schwab Charitable’s donor-advised fund to extend your generosity beyond the United States and make Finland Email List a difference almost anywhere in the world.


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Explore giving even more to charity by using appreciated Finland Email List non-cash assets held for more than one year, such as publicly-traded securities, real estate, or private business interests. * * * MICHAEL GORDON VOSS: Welcome to Season 3 of Giving with Impact, an original podcast series from Stanford Social Innovation Review developed with the support of Schwab Charitable. I’m your host, Michael Gordon Voss, publisher of SSIR. In this series, we strive Finland Email List to create a collaborative space for leading voices from across the philanthropic ecosystem to engage in both practical and aspirational conversations around relevant topics at the heart of achieving more effective philanthropy. The vast majority of Americans tend to handle their Finland Email List charitable contributions using fairly straightforward means, opening their wallet or personal checkbook.

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