But for many people, there may be advantages to the French Email List use of what are broadly referred to as a planned giving vehicle. Benefits can typically include favorable tax treatments of assets in the vehicle or the ability to take a tax deduction in the current year for gifts that are made in the future, among others. So what are these various types of giving vehicles and how can you determine which one might be best aligned with your charitable goals and objectives? Are French Email List they mutually exclusive or can they be combined in a broader philanthropic strategy? And once you’ve decided which to pursue, how do you get started? To shed some light on the various options available to donors, we’re joined today by two individuals who have dedicated themselves to providing French Email List practical, real-world answers to donors’ pressing financial questions.

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Vonny Carrington is a partner with Cerity Partners, a financial French Email List planning advisory that provides unique diverse solutions for for-profit companies, nonprofit organizations, individual donors, and families. Vonny has more than 14 years of industry experience. Prior to joining Cerity Partners, Vonny served as Vice President of Financial Counseling at the Ayco company, which is part of Goldman Sachs. Vonny holds an MBA from Montclair State University and a bachelor of science from Bucknell University. A fairly frequent guest on our podcast is Julia Reed, Director of French Email List Relationship Management with Schwab Charitable. Julia leads the Schwab Charitable Relationship Management team, serving advisors, family offices, and donors nationwide with charitable planning consultation and resources designed to help wealth management professionals French Email List and their clients maximize impact.


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Julia holds a BA in business administration from John F French Email List. Kennedy University and serves on the board of community housing partnership, HomeRise in San Francisco, where she lives with her family. Vonny, Julia, thank you both for joining me today, as we discuss how various giving vehicles might work best to support donors’ strategic charitable giving. Let’s get French Email List started. Vonny, let me ask you to help ease us into this discussion. As I mentioned in the intro, there are, obviously, many different ways that someone could choose to manage her or his philanthropic giving, from vehicles such as private foundations and donor-advised funds, to simply giving French Email List directly using a checkbook or credit card. How does someone start to figure out which way or combination of ways might work best to help achieve their philanthropic goals, and why is it important to do so? VONNY CARRINGTON.

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