But I get rebellious. When people dismiss me. The hybrid work movement as delusional. This movement is fighting an honorable battle. She sees the beauty in the pandemic. Because yes, the health crisis has ensured that reflection on Belgium Phone Number List well-being, self-realization, and sustainable careers is definitively taken seriously. Hybrid working is a cry, a demand for work that works. To decent work. Towards work that leaves employees in their dignity and creates maximum value for customers.

To portray the Customer

That quest as the umpteenth hype shows cynicism. We gain nothing from that. How can we ensure that the crisis has a lasting positive impact on work? That we don’t slip back into a situation where we lose valuable time every day in traffic jams. Overflowing e-mail boxes, and ill-prepared meetings? I have already given 3 tips. Traffic jam on the way to work in the Netherlands. 1. Down with the tyranny of the team A battery. A buzzing beehive.


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Belgium Phone Number List


A can of sardines the Customer

Those are the first images I associate with the landscape office. In his book A World Without Email, Cal Newport talks about ‘the hyperactive hive mind’. I was in a similar position at my previous employer. If someone asked a question out loud, team members expect to respond immediately and collectively. Service translated into constant availability. It is in this setting that the term ‘tyranny of the team’ came to mind.

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