Policymakers can work, and I can give you many Ecuador Email Address examples, particularly at the state and local level, where policymakers have come and worked very well together in a bipartisan way, using data very thoughtfully, to drive important policy reforms in their jurisdictions. So, it is this interesting juxtaposition of the very challenging times that we live in and all of the dialogue that goes on about that and the fact that policy does continue to get done. Dan : Well, Ecuador Email Address let’s talk about some of those good examples so that anyone listening to us today doesn’t feel it’s all doom and gloom. Those are the kinds of successes that keep, I would imagine, both of you coming into work every day, or at least logging on from home in this era. Sarah Rosen Ecuador Email Address : I was actually, earlier today, reading a Pew Research Center report.

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Whenever you see a number that says the exact same Ecuador Email Address percentage of Republicans and Democrats support a policy, you read that. So, this was about veterans, and 72% of Americans of all political parties believe that we should provide supports for American veterans. There are things in which people have sort of shared perspectives. Where we have a hard time finding alignment is particularly when we have to make trade-offs or when we have Ecuador Email Address to pay for things. We’re doing better at aligning to spend money to support people through crises, to finally invest in our underpinnings of our economy. But when you have to make trade-offs and look at who not only is going to win, but who might lose, that’s where our political system, Ecuador Email Address at the national level, is not doing so well. But I completely agree with Sue.


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People like the politicians that the closer they are to them, the Ecuador Email Address more they are popular. So local government is one of the places where I get the most sense of optimism from, because I think they are rolling up their sleeves. Especially the pandemic has been a case where you see mayors in blue states, purple states, red states, all sitting down and trying to solve things together and learn from one another. Dan LeDuc: Sue, you’ve done so much of your Ecuador Email Address work at the state level. You see it that way? Sue Urahn: Absolutely, and I think this is where we found some really fascinating examples that I find very heartening, to be honest with you. And I would look at, for example, the sentencing and corrections work that we’ve done for well Ecuador Email Address over a decade now. Just last year in Michigan, they passed a remarkable package of bills that was focused on jail reform.

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