And I will read you a quote that I found, actually Egypt Email List it was by a Republican, the Senate majority leader in Michigan, in the wake of that policy package. And he said, “These bills are rooted in data, informed by research, and built on the consensus and compromise of a diverse group of stakeholders.” So, it doesn’t get any better than that, when you have a policy group that comes together. In this case, it was a task force, it was bipartisan. We Egypt Email List worked with that task force, and we brought them a lot of data, so they understood the scope and scale of their problem, what exactly was happening to drive the jail populations in Michigan. We modeled different policy solutions so they could make the trade-offs. They could understand when they Egypt Email List did A, B, or C, what was the likely impact going to be.

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And they heard from a wide group of stakeholders, and they Egypt Email List made a data-driven, thoughtful decision that was a compromise, came together to do something that will serve the public well. So even though some people think it was weakened down, some people think there was more in there than there should have been, at the end of the day, the public will be well served no matter how messy that process was. Dan LeDuc: Let’s get a little granular. One of the Egypt Email List things we want to do this season in talking to leaders like yourselves is really hear from you about how you are operating in these times. Again, both of you are all about fact-based research and not being driven by ideology. Are you doing anything different in the way you go about your Egypt Email List research at the Urban Institute because of these times.


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Sarah Rosen Wartell: I think it’s important to realize that institutions Egypt Email List like ours are getting challenged for our objectivity on lots of sides. We work in a lot of social policy areas, and we are often challenged by others who are not wanting to more deeply invest in some of the social policies that our work is about. But we’re also being challenged by folks who are proponents of the communities that many of these policies that we’re studying serve, and they’re asking very hard Egypt Email List questions about who’s at the table, who designs the question, who is helping to interpret the data, who is getting the access to the information we study. We are really interrogating Egypt Email List our own methodology and training scholars in how to ask hard questions about implicit bias.

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