support like you would selling Yemen Email List courses or digital products. So, how do you get started with affiliate marketing? You need to consider your approach before you get started. There are generally two ways to go about this. Option 1 – The social influencer This option relies upon you building a highly engaged audience. Yemen Email List Social media would be a key traffic driver for you but email marketing could work equally well instead, or in addition to it. And you would focus on a handful of industry leading products. This approach works especially well with YouTube. For example, Philip McKnight of Know Your Gear Yemen Email List includes affiliate links to the guitar gear he demos in his videos: Phillip McKnight affiliate links to guitar gear If you don’t do anything with video, email marketing would be your

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best traffic driver. However, you’ll Yemen Email List get the most mileage if you combine content types – written content, video, and podcasts. Option 2 – The authority site Authority sites typically rely mostly on driving traffic from search engines like Google. Traffic can be more passive with this approach but it is also more unpredictable. Initially Yemen Email List you would focus on a handful of products and expand outwards creating more reviews and product-centric list posts as you go. Transitioning from a small blog to an authority site. For example, this is the approach I’m taking with my guitar blog, Tone Island. Tone Island – The Yemen Email List authority site So, I’m working through articles on all of the guitar products that I have a personal interest in. Once you know which approach you will be taking, it is time to find

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