We have created the right functionalities for meeting and physical collaboration. Have new projects, teams,s and meeting rooms. We have also agreed on a ‘where-you-work framework’ with the employee council as a new ‘policy’. No, no more Vietnam Phone Number List homework arrangements, because that is the old way of thinking. In our new normal, the office and the home workplace.

To Hybrid are equal

A work-from-home arrangement is no longer appropriate for this. These are examples of how we invest in adapting the organizational context of our organization. We focus on teams because you decide with your team. And we activate personal leadership because employees make choices that affect team interests and personal preferences. It is an example of investing in the social context of the organization. Hybrid working as culture and leadership.

Vietnam Phone Number List
Vietnam Phone Number List

To Hybrid development Due to corona

The majority of ProRail employees no longer worked from the office from one day to the next, but from the home workplace. Up to that point, working from home was certainly not commonplace at ProRail. It was good to see that people were able to maintain their productivity and communication from home. Although not everyone can do the work from another workplace due to safety, systems, or other special features.

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