3. Discount Discount products appeal to a number of psychological principles. One thing I want to mention is that it makes you feel good. A sense of victory, a sense of power for your visitor. When people get a discount, they feel they have won. The item the USA Phone Number List bought is then secondary to this dopamine shot. Another principle is the psychology behind reference points. If a discount is given, the original price is always stated.

Trial Period to Black Friday

This original price is the reference point for the visitor. This is the ‘normal’ value of the product. Something that we as a society have all accepted as ‘normal’. By marketing below this ‘normal’ price, your customer will find it cheap by definition, regardless of the price. By gradually increasing the reference, you can do a lot of stunts.

with prices Trial Period

Something that happens all too often in the retail world. Discount is therefore something that is common and that marketers and sales accountants like to use to get the dopamine shot at the customer. How do you see this reflected in Black Friday? You often see this reflected in Black Friday in different ways. Low-hanging fruit is simply offered for a very low price, with the more luxurious products often slowly increasing in price in the months leading up to Black Friday.

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