Although this dissemination model is effective Taiwan Email List at first, it should be combined with other strategies, such as promotions on social networks and making valuable content available on the corporate blog. The goal is to generate real results for the business in the long run, as the leads generated by paid traffic are also nurtured and qualified for conversion. Examples of dissemination channels are: Taiwan Email List Google Ads , Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Ads, among others; advertisements on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines; displays in retail stores. Create a Lead Generation Machine Why is it important to maintain points of contact with the public? Some say that a business is really effective when it provides a communication channel with customers to listen to suggestions and answer questions and Taiwan Email List  objections. According to our Social Media Trends 2019 survey , keeping in close contact with the public through social media improves: brand awareness (53%); traffic (Taiwan Email List ); engagement (44.2%); company sales (38.1%). Through good initial and frequent contact with the public, a company can guide leads through the steps of the conversion funnel and, consequently, their consumption journey.

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The quality of this contact will also be decisive to ensure loyalty. Taiwan Email List See the reasons why you should establish communication channels with your audience: attract traffic; negotiate sales ; receive and resolve objections; respond to requests; answer questions; convey information to drive leads through the funnel and customers through the consumption journey; support the use Taiwan Email List  of products and services in after-sales; share valuable content to meet the search, problem or expectation of the user who somehow got there; make exclusive releases; promote offers, discounts and benefits; make invitations to events, webinars and demonstrations; analyze data to inform new sales and marketing decisions; schedule closer contacts — visits, for example. However, different communication channels produce different results. According to the DMA (Data and Marketing Association) , in the initial stages of contact, customers prefer email (Taiwan Email List) . In after-sales, they also prioritize text messages.

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The search for assistance to solve problems requires a more direct channel, such as the telephone. Taiwan Email List Pros and cons of each channel Source: Combo Taiwan Email List What are the top 20 communication channels? Despite the differences in characteristics and results for the effectiveness of conversion and public loyalty, choosing the best communication channels for your business is a question of balance. The multichannel approach can be efficient to some extent Taiwan Email List . With it, the company is able to cover all points of contact with the public. However, it is important to emphasize once again that the form of communication must be as personalized and humane as possible . Therefore, to choose the best communication channel, it is necessary to consider: investment capacity; Taiwan Email List  business persona; sales history. Below, we highlight some communication channels and their characteristics. Telephone While the digital transformation has brought new ways to communicate — such as email and instant messaging applications — there are traditional ways that have not lost Taiwan Email List their importance .

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