Government and health insurers are thinking about lifestyle-dependent policies and premiums to turn the tide. Research by Statistics Netherlands shows that 40% of the Dutch think that people with an unhealthy lifestyle should pay a higher Turkey Phone Number List premium. Man smoking cigarette. Prevention is better than cure We all know the age-old wisdom: ‘prevention is better than cure. That is why there is a broad focus on prevention in the Netherlands, including through the National Prevention Agreement.

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The quality of life, with a higher life expectancy and more years of life in good health. A healthier life does require a structural change in our behavior and we all know how difficult that is. A wide range of measures gives us a push in the right direction. From large public campaigns and lifestyle programs to smoking bans and rewards for ‘healthy behavior’. There has also been talking for years about a ‘ sugar tax ‘ for products with too much sugar.

Turkey Phone Number List
Turkey Phone Number List

This is not getting off the ground because of the strong lobby of the business community, because ‘unhealthy’ simply sells best. A dangerous attitude because three-quarters of consumers want companies to be socially involved and sustainable. 9. Reliability tackling Forced by the corona crisis, people quickly took action themselves. The problems were too urgent to wait for others. The widely available and often free technology acted as an accelerator.

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