So it only really starts after the (vegan) turkey is finished and the bellies are round. In the Netherlands, it is a bit different. Black Friday is not the end of Macedonia Phone Number List a holiday, but rather a holiday in its own right. A true bargain fest. For many Dutch people, this day is the perfect time to purchase that new laptop, sofa, telephone, or pair of shoes at a high discount.

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In the study ‘Black Friday in the Netherlands’, conducted by Statista, it is clear that awareness of this holiday in the Netherlands is increasing. In 2019, 56% of the 4,000 respondents were aware of Black Friday. In 2020, this percentage has already risen to 80%. Consumers in the Netherlands, unlike Americans, do not have to wait that long. More and more often the deals announced earlier. So that you know exactly what you will pay for a certain product during Black Friday.

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And some retailers are even choosing to make it an entire Black Friday week. For example, Coolblue introduced their Blue Friday, a week before the holiday. At Bol, you can shop a different deal every day for a whole week. Not just deals on Black Friday itself for a long time The move to a whole week started a few years ago. More and more retailers are following this development. Big chains, such as Bol and Coolblue, are the early adopters when it comes to early Black Friday deals.

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