And it really explores the notion of power and Iceland Email Address control through incorporating values, such as equity, humility, curiosity, and collaboration. In essence, it’s an expression of a set of values in action. MICHAEL: And, Phil, what are the key characteristics of a trust-based approach to philanthropy? PHIL: There are probably six primary practices that incorporate or encompass a trust-based approach And many of them have been practiced for years and decades by grant-makers across the country. They’ve been Iceland Email Address codified and bundled together and given a name. And so it gives people a bit of a short handle of saying or describing the approach that they use. But the six practices, in essence, are… one, is multi-year unrestricted funding, and that at its core is saying that we think that the grantees have a better understanding and knowledge of what needs to happen in their organizations and in the Iceland Email Address community, and really gives them the latitude to decide how to deploy those resources.

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But the first one is to do the homework, which is really shifting Iceland Email Address the onus and responsibility of due diligence onto us as the funders. And that’s really saying that our role in this system is to provide the resources and understand the nonprofits, and the nonprofits really should focus on the work that they’re doing in the community and do that as opposed to educating us. And so it really is an invitation for us as the funders to really dig deep and better Iceland Email Address understand them. And then related to that is simplifying and streamlining paperwork. And for us, that really means let the nonprofits engage in their important work and not have to fill out reams of paper and applications for us, with word counts and budget templates and things of that Iceland Email Address nature, but really honors their time and lets them do their important work.


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The next two are related to communications or behaviors. One Iceland Email Address is being transparent and responsive to grantees. It’s a way of honoring or just respecting time. And so it addresses a bit of the power dynamic in its core, right, in terms of being clear, what we fund or don’t fund, or if we’re going to step away as funders, things of that nature. The next one is really about soliciting and acting on feedback. And that’s really making this more of a two-way conversation, right? Iceland Email Address There are practices and things that our grantee partners have seen that would be helpful for us to do better, or they can give feedback on things that we’re doing that don’t sit as well with them that would be helpful for us to know. Getting that kind of feedback opens a conversation, as well Iceland Email Address in terms of going both ways that it’s not a unilateral way of doing work.

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